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Hello, my name is Avery Oaks.
I am an attorney and an investment advisor representative in Nashville, Tennessee. 

As an attorney, I focus primarily on corporate law and estate planning. My estate planning practice involves drafting power of attorney documents, as well as Wills and trusts for my clients. My investment advisory practice encompasses both investment planning and portfolio management.

There are very few firms that operate so fluidly within both of these industries. My unique knowledge regarding these areas and the way in which they co-operate enables me to better serve my clients and provide them with more comprehensive advice.

In addition to my professional expertise, I also understand the importance of creating a comfortable and conducive environment for discussions. That's why, during our consultations, you'll find that I often offer a freshly brewed cup of coffee in a well-designed coffee mug. It's a small gesture, but it's the little things that contribute to a positive and productive atmosphere. As we go over your estate plans and financial goals, you can take a moment to enjoy the rich aroma and warmth of your coffee, making our discussions not only productive but also pleasantly memorable.

Creating an active channel of communication is crucial to maintaining a productive and collaborative advisor-client relationship. Accordingly, I am always available to my clients through all mediums to discuss their estate plans, to review their financial goals and progress, or to answer any additional questions they may have. With a blend of legal acumen and investment expertise, along with a touch of thoughtful hospitality, I am dedicated to assisting you in securing your financial future.


Avery Oaks, JD, MBA

  • Powers of Attorney

  • ​Wills & Trusts

  • Investment Planning

  • Portfolio Management

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